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Brutal porn comics `Kay Milthon In Current Affair`
Cruel adult comics "Kay Milthon In Current Affair"
Brutal porn comics `Kay Milthon In Current Affair` Brutal porn comics `Kay Milthon In Current Affair` Brutal porn comics `Kay Milthon In Current Affair` Brutal porn comics `Kay Milthon In Current Affair` Brutal porn comics `Kay Milthon In Current Affair`
Synopsis: Kay reluctantly volunteers to be electrocuted for charity. After she's done in the electric chair, her body is auctioned off for charity.
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Brutal porn comics `The Tightrope Zone`
Cruel adult comics "The Tightrope Zone"
Brutal porn comics `The Tightrope Zone` Brutal porn comics `The Tightrope Zone` Brutal porn comics `The Tightrope Zone` Brutal porn comics `The Tightrope Zone` Brutal porn comics `The Tightrope Zone`
Synopsis: Penny Larson is driving through the desert and gets pulled over. The next thing she knows, she's in jail in a small Western town waiting to be executed for speeding. The next morning, she and several other lucky women are hanged (in the nude, of course!).
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Brutal porn comics `Feast Day`
Cruel adult comics "Feast Day"
Brutal porn comics `Feast Day` Brutal porn comics `Feast Day` Brutal porn comics `Feast Day` Brutal porn comics `Feast Day`
Synopsis: Donna gets some unwelcome news in the mail... she's been selected for feast day. She reports as scheduled and is processed, cooked and eaten.
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